Professor Branestawm Returns

LSM’s Sandy Johnson directs Harry Hill in ‘Professor Branestawm Returns’ – Christmas Eve on BBC One at 17:20pm and repeated New Year’s Eve at 13:20pm.

Starring Harry Hill, Diana Rigg and David Mitchell, the Professor is pitted against a scheming local councillor in a battle for Lady Pagwell’s fortune. When a substantial sum of money is left following Lady Pagwell’s death, an inventing competition is proposed to decide who will get the money.

Rival inventors Professor Mary Oxford, Professor Awfulshirt and Professor Algebrain all cause havoc with wildly unstable inventions but Professor Branestawm has problems of his own. Not only is he struggling to come up with an invention that will really knocks the judges’ socks off, he’s been neglecting his faithful assistant Connie, making the prospect of working with the charming and attentive Professor Algebrain all too appealing for her…