Agent: Ed Hughes

David Scullion is an exciting new writer, with a special focus on the horror genre, having created numerous short films and feature specs celebrating the morbid and macabre. His films have been made for horror competitions such as the 666 Shortcuts to Hell and have been screened at acclaimed London horror film festival Frightfest. David is also developing scripts for television, for online and for the stage.

Feature Films in Development:

FIN – Bazelevs

When her brother goes missing during a series of unprecedented shark attacks, a blogger dives into the wild and horrifying social media footage capturing the attacks. “Jaws” meets “Searching” with a biting satirical edge.
Director: Simon Berry

DEATH SPIRAL – Squid Farm/Quiver

When a by-the-book FBI agent is killed in a cult ritual and wakes up in an endless time loop, she must find a way to escape it before her deaths bring about the apocalypse. “Evil Dead” meets “Palm Springs”.
Simon Berry attached to direct

AMBUSH – Alcon Entertainment/Royal Viking Entertainment

Survival Horror. When a group of eco-terrorists stumble upon a family of vengeful tigers in the Sumatran rainforest, they’re forced to flee into the trees and must survive the brutal dangers of the jungle – and each other – before it kills them all. Inspired by true events.
Espen Sandberg attached to direct


It’s 1997 and the biggest Christmas gift this year is the knock-off Tamagotchi: the “American Monster”. When a group of troubled teenagers steals a box of American Monsters before the official release date, they discover the monsters inside are real… and you should never, ever, stop feeding them. “Gremlins” meets “Final Destination” with a healthy dose of late ’90’s nostalgia.
Co-written with Andy Edwards
(spec script)


After being locked inside a house with a killer who can’t die, a young woman must find a way to escape the sealed building or work out how to kill the unkillable. A bold and bloody claustrophobic nightmare in the action horror style of “Upgrade” meets “Why Don’t You Just Die”.
(spec script)


When residents of a seaside vacation complex started dying in mysterious circumstances, a broken family is horrified to discover that paralysing spiders are responsible for the deaths, forcing them to work together to stop the deadly foe before it is too late. Based on the short film “Bite”.
Director: Simon Berry
(spec script)


In the aftermath of a mass suicide at an isolated SAS training camp, a military psychologist is tasked with interrogating one of the surviving recruits. As more suicides occur around them the horrors of the past are uncovered, the cynical psychologist must come to terms with the possibility there may be something going on that science cannot explain. It’s “Full Metal Jacket” meets “The Exorcist” set in a bleak, weather-beaten Welsh mountain range.
Director: Paul Taylor
(spec script)


Contained thriller/drama
Director (and “story by”): Joe Lynch
(spec script)


Horror. When two estranged sisters become trapped inside a hoarder’s home, they must escape a claustrophobic nightmare before the homeowner makes them a permanent part of his deranged collection.
(spec script)


Comedy/Action. When Jody’s girlfriend is kidnapped because of her incompetent drug-dealing, Jody must rekindle two long-dead relationships in order to rescue the love of her life… from a pyschotic Mexican drug-lord.
(spec script)

HIPSTER MASSACRE – Cloudburst Productions

Re-write of horror comedy.
Directors: Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton


Original horror spec. When a family discovers a book of mysterious photographs hidden inside an old piece of furniture, they accidentally unleash an ancient evil into their home and must find a way to stop it… before it destroys everything they love.
Directors: Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton


Original horror comedy spec. John and six of his friends are on his second stag do, expecting a low-key & carnage-free afternoon… but their plans go horribly awry when their transport crashes and they run into a gang of murderous gun-runners, hell-bent on killing them all. “What happens on the stag do, stays on the stag do… including the corpses.”
(spec script)

REBECCA’S ROOM – Bloody Cuts

When Rebecca took residency at Barathrum House, she knew two things; there was zero rent and one agoraphobic resident to feed. Unfortunately the isolated old house has more than just dust in its deep cracks and Rebecca finds herself isolated and afraid. But when something begins growing insider her, fast, she realizes there is evil deep within the house… and it may be too late to stop it.
Based on a treatment by Ben Franklin.


After returning home from a two-week trip away, a married couple begin to experience some paranormal incidents inside their flat, which threaten to pull their fragile relationship apart. But is this the work of a solitary ghost… or something much more dangerous?
(spec script)


Short Films:

Stop Dead – Lunar Lander/Shadowhouse

Horror short directed by Emily Greenwood


Fifty years of marriage. Fifty years of love and happiness. Fifty years of lies. When Walter steps on a live land mine in a remote field in England, he finds himself at the mercy of his wife Diane, who has recently unearthed a deadly secret buried in their past. As the tension mounts and truths are unraveled, Walter and Diane’s relationship speeds towards an explosive climax.
Director: Simon Berry

Don’t Move – Bloody Cuts.

Set on one fateful night, six friends gather for their monthly ‘games night’… and accidentally unleash a demonic force that might tear them – and their friendships – to pieces.
Director: Anthony Melton.

The Summoning

Won the Frightfest Ident competition and was screened on Saturday 24th August 2013 in the Empire Leicester Square.
A tiny tale of woe. When one inconsiderate cinemagoer decides to use his mobile phone during a movie screening there are bizarre and disastrous consequences.
(writer, director and producer)


Television, Web and Theatre:

LAST CHRISTMAS (a.k.a. GUTTED) Working Title Television

Horror comedy tv series
(in development)

Liar’s End

Sci-Fi series pilot
When a strange virus spreads across the world giving people uncontrollable telepathic abilities, the lives of a politician, a journalist and two cops are irrevocably changed as society begins to implode around them, unable to cope with the truth, the voices and the endless noise.


Original drama series pilot.
Developed on Channel 4’s 4screenwriting course 2013.


6-Part Web series.
Alan and Greg have won the lottery, but they don’t remember who bought the ticket! Not willing to share their £1.2 million win, they decide to play a game of ‘DARE’, with one simple outcome; whoever backs out loses the money and the winner becomes a millionaire. What starts as a fun game slowly escalates into dirty tricks, dark actions and a point of no return.
(spec script)


One-Act Play.
When philosophy lecturer Chris invites a rain-soaked stranger into his home during a thunderstorm he is horrified to discover this ‘stranger’ might actually know him… and a dark part of Chris’s past is dragged screaming into the present.
(spec script)